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Garage doors are the most important items when it comes to adding or subtracting from a home’s appearance, safety, and overall value. We work with all types and designs from traditional to contemporary. Whether it is vinyl, metal, wood, any and all types our expertise covers them all. Making the correct decision as far as quality and craftsmanship is not the only concern when it comes to garage door construction.

Overall maintenance which will be required to maintain that quality look is definitely a point of concern. We are well-versed in dealing with virtually all manufacturers of garage doors which are approved in the United States and have experienced installers who may even help with the decision-making process. There are three different types of opening systems for garage doors as well. Chain driven – is the most commonly used and considered the most reliable type of door. Belt driven doors – which are a more expensive type but are relatively silent, are designed for maximum performance and quiet entry.

Screw driven doors – are the least expensive bust sometimes noisy options and do not handle well in bad weather. Advantages of quietness and smooth performance tend to lean toward the belt driven systems. Chain driven is the one which most have installed due to reliable performance at a lesser cost than the more silent belt variety. Screw driven, is the least expensive option but due to the local weather conditions, is by far the least effective solution. Safety is one of the most important factors which is sometimes minimized by not realizing that the garage door is one of the heaviest items in a home.

When small children are considered, safety should be considered above all other features. For maintaining the appearance for several years, certain materials need to be considered that will impact the long-term maintenance regimen. Performance, safety and appeal are important factors, but how about the maintenance which will need to be “performed” during the next decade or longer? With manufacturing costs going up as opposed to going down for door materials which may be becoming scarcer, types are something to certainly consider. Running a list of a a few pros and cons is necessary before making a final decision.

Ultimately whichever way you decide to choose for a specific material, we are still experts in performing the necessary service and repair. If a garage door has been manufactured and is safety approved by any recognized company, we will provide service which will enhance all moving parts associated with it. Having a beautiful garage door may only be equaled to owning an entirely reliable and effective opening and closing mechanism. As far as judging garage doors by their “cover”, like anything, quality and reputation stand much higher than appears from the surface.

Sometimes lesser manufacturing quality will be placed on durability and performance and more costs will be spent only on appearance – creating a nice looking door which is far less quality than others. We have dealt with the best and know how to help with all circumstances. One call for that garage door install is simple at Garage Door Repair Greenbelt, MD, (301) 997-2440.

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